Babicka Original Wormwood Vodka


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Babička vodka is distilled in the unspoilt landscape of the eastern region of the Czech Republic, Prostejov

From the wormwood fields to the pure crystal waters of the low mountain ranges, the deep 10,000 year old springs to the fertile low lands of Moravian corn, Babička is created using only natural ingredients to ensure the subtle sweetness, smooth texture and floral bouquet unique to Babička vodka.

Moravian Corn

Grown in the fertile low lands just outside of Prostejov, Moravian corn is the only grain used in the creation of Babička vodka. It is harvested when young to ensure the subtle sweetness of Babička vodka.

Wormwood [Artemisia absinthium]

In the eastern fields of the Czech Republic, Babička’s signature wormwood is collected using a traditional method of hand-picking the plant in full bloom before hanging it upside down to dry naturally.

Once dried, thujone, a property of wormwood, is extracted from the plant and used to infuse the vodka to create the original wormwood vodka, Babička.


Babička vodka’s smooth and clean taste is derived from pure clear waters from two different natural sources, natural spring water from the low mountain ranges near Hana and spring water drawn from a deep 10,000 year old spring near the city of Prostejov.

Undisturbed for centuries, the water is naturally filtered resulting in soft, clean and crisp texture high in calcium and magnesium.


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