Tatoosh Bourbon


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Winter wheat color in the bottle, light amber/gold with red highlights in the glass. Upon swirling, edgeline is light and legs develop slowly.

First Impression:  Sweetish barley malt start with dried dark fruits. Rather aromatic, full barley notes, leather, apricots, and slight citrus, with barrel char and light vanilla notes.

Taste:  Quite a bit, if not jarringly, different from the nose. Strong char and a ‘cowboy style’ start to it. Upon swirl, rapid onset of wood char notes, some spiciness, with papaya, citrus, and vanilla oak notes. Medium mouth feel, with some bite to it. Nice drying finish is quite long with slight lingering and tingling to the tongue and lips.

Drinks:  Works well for whiskey or rye drinks such as a Manhattan. Just adjust other ingredients to take into account that this whiskey is much drier than others.

Cigars: Good with a cigar with a lighter shade of wrapper. Ashton or Cuesta Rey would be a good start.